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Massage tokyo,outcall,mobile oil massage GREENHILL.

A outcall,mobile oil massage

Effect of aromatherapy


Effect of aromatherapy


Massage tokyo,mobile outcall oil massage GREENHILL.We offer a mobile oil massage to Hotel,Home of central Tokyo until 24am midnight.

We can provide a mobile oil massage to hotels or home in central Tokyo.

We explain about the effect of aromatherapy.


❷ Effect of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has immediate effect in the improvement / elimination of symptoms such as "pain" and "itch". This is because aromatic substances enter the blood and act.

Aromatherapy essential oil has "anti-inflammatory action" to suppress local inflammation and "local anesthetic action" to suppress the occurrence of local pain. Essential oil is effective in improving pain, there is a definite basis for physiology and pharmacology.

It is also known that it has an effect on lifestyle-related diseases. As you know, there is no special treatment for "lifestyle diseases". To prevent and recurrence, sending a good life habit, is the first. It would not be so easy for everyone living in the modern era. Aromatherapy essential oil has many actions useful for the improvement and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

For example, it is known that certain essential oils have actions such as antibacterial action, antiviral action, action to take muscle tension, tranquilizing action, action to raise mood, · · ·.

Essential oil acts on both sides of the mind and body. Since humans are made of mind and body, these two are inseparable. Sometimes the body's illness may be improved by a heartfelt approach, and the mind becomes brighter as the body's condition is cured.


❷ Toward a super aging society

It is a super aging society, and it is said to be "100 years of life", and in recent years it has become increasingly said that "health age". Is it that you should manage your own health yourself? !

In recent years, aromatherapy acts on the mind, so it is now being incorporated into psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry, geriatric hospital, elderly care facilities, terminal hospital medical hospice etc.

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